At SUH SOO MI we provide the following specially designed ties for our clients:


Polka, Club, Solid, Foulard, Floral, University,Regimental and Checkered/Tartan.

Polka dot TIE

 This is a traditional tie that is usually made up of only two colours with one being the solid component of the tie and a polka dot or small solid circle of another colour placed in repeating patterns over the tie. This is done primarily to add contrast to a single/solid colour tie. A classical design that can really present itself at all occasions. Regardless of convention, can be worn with most shirts and suits. Best made in silk and woven but also polyester and cotton are suitable.

club TIE

 Probably the most famous tie is this timeless classic. Usually thought of as a sport club or public-school tie, it consists of two or more colours of diagonal stripes of the same width. On occasion it may consist of a club emblem or coat of arms, although is not the current trend. This is a strong tie with a great opportunity for the wearer to present great contrast between shirt and tie. Club best comes in woven silk or polyester.

solid TIE

 This particular tie is represented as the name suggests, as one single colour tie. This tie may or may not have a woven pattern in the body, but the single overall colour of the tie remains prominent. Most common solid ties of course is the black tie for formal occasions. In many cultures the white solid tie is also used first and foremost for formal occasions. The solid tie can be worn with most suits, jackets and shirts although the wearer needs to be aware of over contrasting with bright colours such as aqua marine or pastels. The solid tie looks fine in both silk and polyester but looks best woven, never printed.

foulard TIE

 A twill tie that is a single colour with a symbol or small design patterned throughout the tie repeatedly. This could be similar to a polka dot where the dot is replaced by a fleur de lies, diamond or similar design. This originally is French and is one of the most striking ties. The contrast between the solid twill colour of the tie and the deepness of the patterned design comes across as high-end fashion with physical strength in the tie. Most often used by those with an extensive taste and range beyond the normal standard dress tie. Should always be in silk or polyester and woven or twill.

floral TIE

 These ties are a tie that is known to come and go, and also using different flowers in its design. Most floral designs are a solid narrow or medium tie with an overlay of distorted floral patterns. The flower of the time also changes, when in the 80’s roses were the go, now smaller flowers such as the Daisy, Jamaican white flower or Sardinian Blooms are all the rage. Most companies print the flower however a quality tie should be woven of silk and never printed.


regimental TIE

 This tie is made up of diagonal stripes of varying thickness and colours and even patterns within the boundaries of the stripe. There is usually one dominant colour in the thickest stripe that meshes easily with the thinner stripes. This is probably the most common tie in the world and is best represented as a business tie. This particular tie is a very personal tie and where men's opinions vary greatly. This is the tie that is for normal occasions. Can be worn with any suit. Should be woven or twill in silk, polyester or microfiber.


-tartan TIE

 Currently this tie is undergoing a renaissance. The design is either a single solid tie with a single or double colour check pattern overlaying or alternatively, a tie made up of overlapping 3 or more colour check with no single dominant colour. Best in 7cm or 8cm width but also know to work in 5cm width. Must be in silk or polyester only and woven. Very popular tie and one that should stand out from the pack with unconventional colours or design of the check.