SUH SOO MI Origins...

SUH SOO MI was first imagined in 1993 as a idea for a new and honest form of tie manufacturing that endeavoured to bring back ties with their original essence for men and women from better fashioned periods, mixed with current day trends.

SUH SOO MI has a familial link to the extremely exclusive tailor to the wealthy, Haigh Brothers and Henry Bucks in Collins Street, Melbourne. 50 years of tailoring and dress making from a prominent Melbourne family has created a new label in SUH SOO MI to continue its dedicated service to the fashion industry.  


SUH SOO MI is re birthing the tie for men and women with exceptional workmanship. With SUH SOO Mi you can expect a tie as it should be; deep stitching, artistic tipping and unconventional placing of key designs. This is a tie born out of the most fashionable influences and incorporated into the 21st century.

SUH SOO MI Origins...

SUH SOO MI is a South Korean name that also has a small link to Japanese ancestry through the SOO MI component. SUH SOO MI translates best to “Born of Beauty.” SUH SOO MI was created in Seoul, South Korea as a hybrid of classical English tailoring and depth of Seoul salary man culture. There was a direct relationship between the amazing kaleidoscope of extreme business situations in South Korea and the bright colours of Australia’s landscape, that formed our boutique's range into SUH SOO MI Melbourne – Seoul in 2015. SUH SOO MI is the fast paced, dynamic and exciting Asian crowded metropolis, mixed with the images of laid back, light coloured hues, that is Australia.

SUH SOO MI believe that the modern tie had become standard, bland and lacking any detail that this vital piece of fashion requires. In essence, we were all wearing copies of a tie that once existed. The detail had been watered down and the quality rationalised. SUH SOO MI has been able to bring back quality, real quality in ties and that are accessible to all via our online retail store. For example look at the back of any of your ties and they will almost certainly be black or grey. Now look at the back of one of SUH SOO MI’s and you will see a piece of handmade tipping awash with colour profiles. There is really no comparison. Silk road origins mixed with hi tech design...

SILK ROAD Origins...

The concept of silk origin is a unique and interesting historical commentary. We often heard of the palaces of Europe, Persia and Asia being laden in silk and the riches it brought via the Silk Road. However, do we really recognise its true origins and effects on development of countries?

Naturally, due to climate and environmental factors, silk worms and as a result silk, is best made in North Asia. The first mention of silk as A material by Europeans was in fact Pliny the Roman historian in 70 BC when he mentioned its process.


The Chinese legend of the Goddess of Silk to the Lady Xi Lingshi states as early as 3000 BC that silk in the Hangzhou region was being cultivated and used by the then ruler of China. From an archaeology point of view, in 1927 a silk worm cocoon and associated binding of silk were found in Zhejiang next to the Yellow River in Shanxi Province and has since then been carbon dated to a period between 2600 – 2300 BC.

SILK ROAD Origins...

Silk was indeed used in China as a material for the ruling elite and associated court members. As time went on, normal people within the kingdom were able to produce and wear their own silk garments. During the Han Dynasty in fact, silk found its highest place when it was used as a currency within China, such was the value of the commodity.


Unknown to many people around the world, the first destination for silk outside of the Chinese mainland was in fact the Korean Peninsula. This is where SUH SOO MI has a great heritage with our ties; binding the traditional world’s first silk from Hangzhou to the country of South Korea, of which silk became as important as China. Our ties are using the same heritage silk, matched with the same eye for design as our head designer from Daegu, South Korea.


The silk road was finally connected from Hangzhou to Constantinople around the period of Justinian’s reign in Byzantium when the court was introduced to silk for the first time. Within decades the families of Italy were wearing silk and it was said that the Roman Emperor Heliogabalus was such a fan, his entire wardrobe was entirely silk around 210 BC.

SILK ROAD Origins...

All of these great milestones were achieved with silk made in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Hangzhou is now a thriving metropolis of some 9,500,000 inhabitants making it the 14th largest city in China today.


The main industry in Zhejiang is silk production which accounts for over 50% of the worlds production of silk. Japan and India cover the remainder. Hangzhou silk was a major contributor to the construction of the silk road thousands of years ago and continues to this day to provide the rest of the world with a time honoured process and a tremendous standard of material, still sort after by only the best fashion houses.


Now we have established the amazing contribution of silk, we at SUH SOO MI embrace our silk origins by seeking out and sourcing the best silk from Hangzhou. The vibrancy, texture and luxurious feel and longevity of our silk, is second to none. We stand by our silk and also the processors and heritage that only 5000 years of development could bring. This is not your typical silk from parts unknown, this is the original and the best.

SILK ROAD Origins...

We often read terms such as “Italian Silk,” or “French Silk.” This is not exactly accurate. In Italy, silk has not been grown since the 1950’s and the silk worms are sourced originally from China, parts unknown. This means that when you hear your colleague bragging about Italian Silk, they are quite possibly referring to an Italian tie company that made a tie from Chinese or Vietnamese silk as Italy has zero production of silk worms, silk or silk weaving. This is true of Italian, French and English “Silk.” Buyer beware, not everything in the tie world is as it seems. Next time you buy a tie that says for example, “La Trimeva – Milan,” it is most likely “La Trimeva – Unknown.”


SUH SOO MI sought out this region for our silk as it highlights tradition, vibrancy, silk road history and millennia old know how. Manufacturing expertise is away of life for people from this region. Hangzhou has long been considered a powerhouse of silk quality and production that cannot be compared. This is what we sourced, and this is what we are providing. Real silk made by real cultures for real ties. In the time of the silk road Hangzhou silk was the worlds most sought after, now we are bringing back Silk Road quality and reputations.

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