Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SUH SOO MI only online?

SUH SOO MI believes the retail sector is indeed moving in the direction of an online fully integrated market place with delivery and payment options. If SUH SOO MI were to open a physical retail space, we would be only be servicing a few of our customers domestically. We believe all our customers should be treated well regardless of location.


Why do you use PayPal?


SUH SOO MI believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own one of our beautiful ties, and through PayPal this can be achieved either through Direct Debit, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, Money Orders or even cash.  This way regardless of currency everyone can access a centralised gateway that is secure and safe. We do not record any credit card or account numbers at SUH SOO MI making our site one of the safest around.


How long does it take to deliver my order?


At SUH SOO MI we actually give you the option on the checkout page to choose your preferred delivered mode, that being either standard or express. Both have differences in price obviously. However, in saying that the Standard Service is around 7-10 days and the Express Service is around 2-3 days. Again, there needs to be some leeway here as some regional or remote towns may take a few days extra. If you are remote we recommend that you utilise the tracking number that will be provided to you when we physically ship the product.


Why does my tracking number come 1-2 days after I place an order?


At SUH SOO MI we advise you of your tracking number once it is input to the carrier for transit. It is common for carriers to provide a tracking number, but it is not fully trackable for 12 hours in their system.


Who can I talk to at SUH SOO MI?


If you have any enquiries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

After I place an order what notifications do I receive?

After you place an order you will automatically receive an email thanking you for your purchase with all the details for you to check such as name, address, contact number, contact email, which items you purchased, their SKU, the individual amount, the Tax (If Applicable,) the delivery fee and the total cost paid by you. The second email you will receive is the fulfilment email stating all of the above again, but this will have the tracking number for your parcel and a link to the carrier’s website. Finally, when the parcel arrives you will find the final paid invoice with you goods. Again, at any time if you wish to talk to us you can email us at


What currency does SUH SOO MI charge in?


SUH SOO MI uses AUD (Australian) Dollars only.


What taxes do SUH SOO MI charge?


The only tax we charge for any of our customers is GST in AUSTRALIA as we are required to by law. Any customers outside Australia, we do not collect taxes for. For those living in Canada they need to check their own tax rules as SUH SOO MI will not be collecting tax on behalf of the Government of Canada. Be aware the Canada may be geo blocked by SUH SOO MI in the future.


How can I tell if the tie I choose is silk or polyester?


In our SHOP at SUH SOO MI we have three areas where this is mentioned. Firstly, the tie will be call 100% SILK or 100% Polyester. Secondly in the description the tie will be called either 100% SILK or 100% Polyester and finally under the “ADD to CART,” will have four fields where one is labelled “Material.” In this section it will say either 100% SILK or 100% Polyester


What is your return policy?


Our return policy is clearly outlined prior to purchase in the final stage of buying our ties. Under the “ADD to CART,” it will have four fields where one is called, Return Policy. It is also located in full to be read in the Full T&C’s or specifically under the “Important Information,” tab on the main MENU.


What is your refund policy?


SUH SOO MI’s refund policy can be located in the same document as is listed in the return policy above.

If I subscribe to your monthly shout out, can I unsubscribe?

Of course, our industry and fashion newsletter might sound like a good idea at the time but in the end, maybe it’s not for you… That’s totally fine. You can unsubscribe at any time via the link at the bottom of the shout out or by contacting us at


I am a retailer and was wondering if I can buy bulk wholesale?


The answer is yes, and we can sell on EXW, FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF, DAF and DDU. We also deal in Letters of Credit (Both Irrevocable and Basic) Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal and Bank Transfer. Please use the “Wholesale/Retail” Tab on the MENU to send us an email outlining what we can do for you? You will need your Business Registration Number for your affiliated region, e.g. ABN in Australia… Be sure to ask about PAYMENT TERMS…


What if I have questions that don’t appear in the FAQ’s?


If you have any questions that are not covered in this FAQ or in the Full T&C's, please contact us at