While we make every effort to create the perfect tie from outstanding materials, we believe that we also have a responsibility to make sure that our carbon footprint is as small as possible.


SUH SOO MI believe that packaging should be functional but with as little impact on the environment as possible.


That is why we have designed our packaging as "Envirotech." Our ties are protected from manufacturing to end user by a box that is not only functional but also re-usable. The ink and the box are both 100% biodegradable and can be re-purposed.


Our box with its magnetised lid is free from bleach and dyes except for our brand name. The box can be re-used as anything you can fit in it. If you put it on its side, it can hold 50kg without breaking. The reason? Keeping you ties in shape…


Packaging should not become waste. It should be able to be used again and again, thereby prolonging our small environmental footprint. Use it for the tie itself, cuff links or tie clips or alternatively they make great storage devices for the garage, cupboard storage or anything else you can imagine. The snap fit magnetic lid keeps anything safe and sound.


SUH SOO MI’s Envirotech is an amazing way to care for ties and the environment at the same time.

Responsible Logistics

Logistics is a fast-paced industry that we wouldn't be able to exist without. Everyday trucks, trains, barges, ships and aeroplanes criss-cross the world to deliver parcels to excited consumers. The industry itself is beyond comprehension and sometimes we take it for granted that it is indeed difficult for the industry to reduce its carbon footprint and keep prices low.


 That’s where SUH SOO MI will be treating its logistics a little differently to other companies. Our packages are small and easy to move. They are light and not difficult to handle. In short, a consolidated shipment is where we group destinations and send as a large bag of parcels. You might think this is already done with most companies, but this is almost always not the case. Let’s use an example that’s pretty easy to follow.

Responsible Logistics

Let’s say that Company A sells 10 of its products on a Monday morning. Company A calls their carrier and has them picked up as they are important clients. Company A then sells 20 products on Monday during lunch, but these are urgent and again calls their carrier to pick them up as they are important clients. Later in the afternoon they sell 10 more products and again the courier comes at 5pm and picks them up.


As you can see the impact on the environment for a single day pickup from Company A is threefold purely due to the logistics requirements. This is where SUH SOO MI does things a little differently. Every Monday to Tuesday orders will go Tuesday night. Every Wednesday to Thursday order will travel on Thursday night and Friday to Saturday orders will go Saturday night. This means we can cut down our carbon footprint from 18 local trips to just 3 with almost zero impact on the customer’s requirement at destination or arrival date.

Responsible Logistics

In addition to this we give our clients the option of Express/Standard Air Freight or Sea Freight. You may think that this is a bit too much choice but those who are not desperate may choose to have it sea freighted and thereby reducing their carbon footprint, also it’s a bit cheaper. Again its entirely up to the consumer


In addition, all destinations will be grouped together to achieve better economies of scale and to reduce emissions. E.g., North America, South America, Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia, North Asia, Australia and Europe will be sent as a consolidated shipment and parted out at destination.Again with zero impact on destination arrival date.

Responsible Logistics

SUH SOO MI will only work with carriers and companies that have a commitment to lowering their carbon footprint by such means as bio fuel, unitisation such as sea freight and airline containers, eliminating wasteful movements and utilising new engine technologies such as electric motors.


SUH SOO MI believes that to lowers one’s carbon footprint can also lower one’s cost through smart logistics management.